He Is All I Think About.

Ilyana’s birthday party. I went just to have a good time with Amanda and my friends. Until, he showed up. Eric Ramos. My first thought was, “omg why is he here! hide me” i tried to hide. then he whispered my name, he was calling me. i turned around and said hi to him. we had small talk then separated then talked again. when we were talking, he was standing against the wooden pole in ily’s backyard. we we’re just talking, laughing. i gave him a hug and as i was pulling away, he pulled me back and kissed me. My,feelings were going crazy. i couldn’t believe what just happened. then we were texting, he was saying how he messed up and missed me. he said he likes me. i told him i do too. Then, once again. i fell for the popular kid. lets see how this turns out.

Eric Ramos, How Did One Unpopular Girl Like Me, Talk To You.

Eric Ramos. i fell for him. Freshman year. He started talking to me. i felt so excited that he was talking to me. the popular kid noticed me. we got starbucks one day. then we walked to carls jr after. he kissed me. the feelings inside of me were going crazy. i had a huge crush on the most popular kid in school. we kissed. but then… two days past. i told him on Wednesday. it was the day of the pre festival concert with brookhurst. i told him i liked him . he didn’t like me back. he posted a picture of a girl as his wcw then, i realized… it was all a game. it wasn’t real. to me i had butterflies, to him, it was just a stupid game, and he won. he broke my little heart.


Look. I know u probably dont wanna speak to me right now. But just hear me out. I am really really sorry. I know that I lied. I shouldn’t have. But its just that, I dont want you to think im somebody im not. I want you to be with me for me. I fucked up really really bad. I never miss a guy.. but you, ur different. I cant stop thinking about you! Ur seriously the only thing i’ve been thinking about. I know it has only been a day, but it feels like forever. I never wanted to know how it feels without you. Thats why I lied. But now that I know how it feels knowing that you aren’t mine.. I hate it. I really don’t like the way this feels . I miss you so fucking much. I know your probably thinking wow this is all bullshit. But it isnt . Im in love with you. I never thought I would fall in love with you when we first started talking. But now… Thinking about it.. I dont ever wanna lose you. I would do anything for you. I would do anything to be with you for the rest of my life. Its just that, some things, im not ready for. I am really really sorry. I love you so fucking much.. And knowing that you aren’t mine.. I dont want to know . Im in love with you. I don’t want to be without you. I fucked up, I do that a lot. Im really sorry.

so, i sit and think. wow i over think waaay to much. just sitting down.. i sit and just think wow does he even care. i barely no him. i fell in love with a boy that i barley no, yet I can’t stop thinking about him. everything reminds me of him. it just sucks to think wow he could be talking to so many girls, yet i don’t no about it. i hate it. not knowing. not being able to be i’m public with him, because he doesn’t like publicly and because he is 3 years older then me. FML.

How did we meet?

Jacob Melgoza, a.k.a. Unknown. Went to high school with him. He gradated class of 2014. Im class of 2017. He is going to go to Fullerton. How did we meet? He is in band and i am in color guard. During the summer, i didnt have a clue who he was. He played tuba for marching season. He has 3 bestfriends, Ernie, Takoune, and Ivan. Ernie played trumpet and the rest, tuba. There is concert season aand there is marching season. Marching season is first semester, concert is second. i didnt know him throughout marching season. I met him at the pre-festival concert. March 17, 2014. He was with Ernie. I knew Ernie because he was my T.A. for Earth Science freshmen year. Everybody had to wear bow-ties for there suit for the concert, and their bows werent straight, sooooo, since ive seen him before.. i always thought he was really cute. Well his bow wasnt straight, none of theirs was, so me being flirty, i was just fixing their bows. And Well, then we started talking. I didnt have a problem with it. Well Ernie wanted a secret handshake, so i was like uhhh okay. So he was like high five at the top then downlow and backwards i guess (just picture it). Well, Jacob was like ooo let me do it first lemme go first. I was like idgaf, you better not touch my butt xD and Ernie was like wooah didnt even think about that, and Jacob said, I did thats why i wanted to do it first. Then later that day, he was like do i look better shaved or hairy. I said, i think you look cute both ways. Then a while later, he asked for my number on instagram, so i gave it to him, but at the time, i broke my phone. So i told him, oh I broke my phone but when i get it fixed ill let you no. Then once i got my phone, i told him i did. And thats when it all started.. We were texting, and sooner or later.. I fell in love with him.